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Warranty, Returns & Crash Replacement

Carbon Rims
  • 2 year Crash Replacement 
    ( We will send you a brand new rim FREE of charge, no questions asked, remember to hold onto your receipt ! )

  • 5 year Crash Replacement Policy 
    ( We will send you a brand new rim at 50% of the original price you paid, no questions asked, remember to hold onto your receipt ! )


Carbon Bars
  • 2 year Warranty (This covers any manufacturing defects)



Email us at returns@csixx.com

Remember to include:

  • Brief descriptions of the issue
  • Pictures of the part
  • Proof of purchase – copy of your Receipt
  • Your full delivery address
    Crash Replacement Policy
    1. A free of charge rim crash replacement policy is in effect providing the following conditions, if these conditions are not met then a 50% of retail cost replacement will be used. (rim is supplied to a local bike shop free of charge, excluding shipping) 
    2. A DoubeDecker Foamo, must be run at all times and must be supplied to the bike shop with the affected rim.  If no DoubleDecker Foamo is supplied with a cracked rim then the 50% crash replacement will apply.
    3. Adequate tire pressures need to be maintained.  A good quality Tire pressure gauge needs to be used between every run to ensure tire pressures are always consistent, (this is standard practise in riding/racing DH).  This can be seen by how many impacts are “recorded on the Foamo”  If there are impacts that slice completely through the DoubeDecker Foamo this indicates that tire pressures are too low.  Too many (above 5) complete slice through’s on a DoubeDecker Foamo are an indication of rider negligence and a standard 50% crash replacement will apply.